Inaugural ASD Mob Seminar a Huge Success

Posted on January, 18, 2011 by admin
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ASD Mob Members and Prospects

Charlotte, NC (January 17th, 2011) With the first annual ASD Mob drift suspension seminar being held at Autosport Dynamics in Charlotte NC this past weekend, there are a well known group of Pro-Am drivers now even more excited to begin the 2011 drifting season.

      Fifteen drivers from around the USA and Canada flew into ASD headquarters throughout Friday, coming from as far away as Washington, California, Florida, Toronto Canada, and everywhere in between. All ten ASD Mob members and five ASD Mob Prospects made the trip to ASD for a jam packed seminar the following day.

ASD Mob Seminar: Ian Stewart

      Topics included the expected chassis set-up techniques used by ASD in the Formula D Pro series with the Falken Tire program, but also included discussions on data collection, driver and crew relationships, drivetrain systems, and good sportsmanship.

ASD Mob Seminar: Clayton Triggs

      ASD also surprised the Mob members with an array of guest speakers, including Clayton Triggs as a former Vice President of the American LeMan Series, a marketing and partnership expert. Mr. Triggs spoke with the attendees on the importance of marketing partner relationships and how to approach and maintain financial partners in drifting. Having created over $30M in motorsport sponsorships and $65M in business to business relationships with various motorsport teams, Mr. Triggs offered an invaluable insight rarely seen in Pro-Am drifting circles.

ASD Mob Seminar: Ian Stewart and Dave Gibson

      In addition, longtime ASD partner Falken Tire came forward with a generous contingency program for ASD Mob members, offering heavily discounted Falken tires and a cash payout for podium appearances on the XDC Pro-Am circuit for 2011. Falken Tire will be offering ASD Mob members $800.00 in cash for first place, $400.00 for second place, and $200.00 for third place finishes when competing on Falken tire products.

      Other ASD partners, including Staubli North America with their line of quick release couplings, are in the process of closing contingency programs for ASD Mob members that will be announced shortly.

ASD Mob Seminar: Dave Gibson

      Reaction from the ASD Mob members in attendance was extremely positive. Eric Hill, from Huntington Beach, California said “The smoke from my ears is finally settling but my head is still spinning. Thank you Ian and Dave for the opportunity to be part of this amazing program. I seriously learned more yesterday than I have with trial and error over the last 5 years”.

      Other attendees such as Jason Jiovani from Florida echoed those sentiments. Jason claimed “This was the best non-drift trip ever. I can’t wait to go to an event and try some tweaking. I hope to see everyone at the track sometime.”

      There’s no doubt the ASD Mob campaign is already off to a successful start for 2011. With the intent of helping bridge the gap between talented Pro-Am drivers and full scale Formula D teams, ASD and their partners will be working hard to ensure all of the ASD Mob drivers have a very successful 2011 season.

Inaugural ASD Mob Seminar a Huge Success