ASD MOB BIO: Adam Rosin

Posted on January, 12, 2011 by admin
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Name: Adam “Addrock” Rosin
Age: 25
Hometown : Milwaukee
Car: 2006 Nissan 350z

Adam began drifting in 2008 with his 350Z slowly transforming it into the current competition drift machine it is today. Two years and many mods later he is competing on a regular basis. His first 1st place finish came in 2008 in the Tucson X-Mas Drift Competition. Shortly after, traveling to different cities was a must to gain the most experience at different tracks across the southwest. This year Addrock finished 5th in the Formula D Pro Am Las Vegas Series, and has traveled as far as New Mexico to get the most optimal amount of competition experience. His main goal for 2011 is to tune in his suspension and compete as much as humanly possible.